Learning to tell the time with Learning Resources UK (gifted)

We were kindly gifted the products used in this post, with no obligation to review, however I wanted to share the love for these amazing learning resources thanks to Learning Resources UK.

If you’re looking to help your kids learn to tell the time or resources to support learning in school, we can’t recommend Learning Resources UK enough, for free downloadable activities as well as fun games, clocks and resources for telling the time.

Learning to tell the time thanks to Learning Resources UK (gifted)
Learning to tell the time thanks to Learning Resources UK (gifted)

With kids heading back to school, I started having a bit of a post-summer reflection and remembered that during Lockdown 3 (or 4!), Lily kept asking about learning to tell the time, and I was a bit lost for activities to help her.

She wasn’t keen on her usual home-schooling work from school, so I was excited she had self-chosen a topic to focus on, however I didn’t know where to start, particularly as I was working from home too, so she needed activities and games that she could also do independently while I was on call.

I spoke to our friends at the lovely Learning Resources UK, who became our homeschooling hub of awesomeness, and they recommended some incredible games and activities for telling the time, as well as some great free downloadable resources such as Learn About Time and Learn to Tell the Time with Tock.

Tock the Learning Clock

Now, anyone who knows us will know how much Lily loves Botley the Coding Robot, so to open up her giant package to see a clock that looks like Botley, she couldn’t contain her excitement!

Tock the Learning Clock is a very special learning clock and a great place to start if you’re beginning on your journey with telling the time and is suitable for ages 3+.

Firstly, you can turn the hands on him and he will read out the time to you, which is great when Lily wants to check if she is correct or not.

Checking out all of Tock's fun functions
Checking out all of Tock’s fun functions

He also has both a digital and analogue clock, helping kids learn how to tell the time using both types of clock and two different game modes too – a quiz mode and a music mode.

In the quiz mode, you can answer different questions using the hands, and in the music mode, he plays silly tunes to dance to – something Lily now HAS to do as part of her bedtime routine every single night!!

What’s more, Tock also has a cool little night-light mode too!

Lily's face when she first spotted Tock light up and sing!!
Lily’s face when she first spotted Tock light up and sing!! 🙂

We love Tock and he lives on Lily’s bedside table, so is something she plays with each day, helping her learn without even realising it! It is so easy-to-use, fun and a great way to learn to tell the time.

24-hour NumberLine Clock

The 24-hour NumberLine Clock has won so many awards for its design, showing children that a clock is just like a number line, which is something they’re familiar with at school.

Image: Learning Resources UK as it shows the clock better than our photos :)
Image: Learning Resources UK as it shows the clock better than our photos 🙂

The hands are removable and coloured in red and blue to match the hour or minute hands, to easily tell the difference between the two, and makes learning the time super interactive, visual and fun!

We also love that it is small enough for Lily’s hands, so she can easily adapt the numbers and play with the clock to understand how the timeline is formed.

This numberline clock really will be with us in her learning journey for years to come.

Enjoying her time activities on holiday!
Enjoying her time activities on holiday!

Time Activity Set

Even after 9 months of play, the Time Activity Set is still very much loved in this house, with so many different activities to learn and enjoy.

Lily loves it so much that it even needed to come on holiday with us in July, and she spent mornings playing with the games before breakfast!

Her favourite game is the time matching, where you match the analogue cards to the digital time cards for hours and half hours.

The box also comes with dice to show hours and minutes in a digital clock, which she can then copy onto the analogue clock with the movable hands. Again, the minute and hour hands are colour-coded to help show whether they’re looking at hours or minutes.

The cards are easy to read and hours of fun too!
The cards are easy to read and hours of fun too!

When she gets more confident with it, and knows more variations of the time, she will be able to use the wipe-clean clock to draw the times herself.

She is also starting to look at the daily routine cards to be able to show what time of day you may be doing each of those things, which are wipe-clean for years of use!

This activity set is fantastic and you have so many activities in the set that will help develop the understanding of time as they increase their confidence.

A huge thank you to the team at Learning Resources UK for sharing these games and activities with us. We weren’t asked to write a blog about them, but we couldn’t resist sharing the love for such fantastic learning tools that will last for many years.

Find out more about all the Learning Resources UK Time Activity resources and clocks here.

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Thank you Learning Resources UK for these lovely activities and toys! (gifted)
Thank you Learning Resources UK for these lovely activities and toys! (gifted)

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