My little world
My little world

My name is Karen (aka Kaz) and I’m a first time mum to little Lily, born premature in 2015.

2019 to now: adventures, travel and reviews

Lily and I love going on adventures and days out, exploring places near and far.

So, I found a place back in my blog again for some of these day trips and genuine reviews of our adventures, with a few tips from the time we spend in these places.

We aren’t good at sitting still, and are huge fans of exploring, especially affordable adventures, National Trust properties, family travel, staying in remote cabins we find on airbnb, festivals, as well as visiting places all over England from theme parks and nature walks to beaches and local museums.

Where we find products we love to use and have helped us on our way – from creative fun to exciting toys – we also share reviews.

The birth of The 3am Diary

The 3am Diary began as ramblings entered into my phone notepad throughout the night with a newborn, when my mind was on a hormone-driven, sleep-deprived overdrive.

For me, writing is just a way of getting things off my chest, or to help me sleep at night when I’ve a jumble of meandering thoughts, so if you want to stay and read, then thank you. If not, thank you for getting this far! 🙂

Being a mummy is the best thing that could have happened to me and even though it’s not always easy, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Twinning is winning!
Twinning is winning!

Please say hello 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions for somewhere or something you think we’ll love, just drop me a line (we are friendly, I promise!) and we’ll try and come along for an adventure!

Massive thank you to everyone who supports us with our journey. Writing means so much to me, as does making memories with my little lady, and will keep doing it until she no longer thinks I’m cool enough to come on adventures with her ;)!

Everyday adventures with my little lady
Everyday adventures with my little lady