Money-saving tips for parents

The cost of having a baby isn’t cheap, but when you’re excited by the fact you’ve a new little person on the way, it’s easy to head out and buy the best you can find.

The maternity ward

With 5 weeks in hospital on strict bed rest, the only thing I could do was people watch… here were 5 of the best!

1 year on: a reflectionΒ 

One year on, here’s a few of the things I’ve found myself doing since becoming a mum – from Ninja Warrior training to one-armed master of all!

6 things I planned for maternity leave… but failed!

So maternity leave is a vision of many beautiful hours spent gently rocking your sleeping baby in a moses basket, reading books, while you drink cups of hot tea, eat salads, catch up with long-lost friends, and watch the scales quickly return to those pre-baby digits. I’m due back at work soon. I dont know…