Toddler bedtime regression…

When she’s still drumming with a plastic asparagus at 9.20pm, despite the exact same bedtime routine that she’s had for 19 months!

Money-saving tips for parents

The cost of having a baby isn’t cheap, but when you’re excited by the fact you’ve a new little person on the way, it’s easy to head out and buy the best you can find.

Caravan holiday survival with a toddler

24 hours into our first caravan holiday with our 13 month old, and we are curled up under a fleece blanket with a hot water bottle, listening to the banging of the high winds and battering rain against the flimsy walls and windows. Would we change that? Of course not! It’s our summer holiday, and…

1 year on: a reflection 

One year on, here’s a few of the things I’ve found myself doing since becoming a mum – from Ninja Warrior training to one-armed master of all!

Reality check

My pre-motherhood ‘dream parenting’ plans clearly don’t meet my motherhood realities! Where did it all go so wrong?!

First flight: baby’s first holiday

Lily was just over 8 months when we decided to take her on holiday… And not just on a little break, but a full-on snowboarding holiday to the Alps.

Our weaning journey

So after many months of feeding failures, and finally getting it under control, the next journey was upon us… weaning!

2 – “Breast is Best”

This was the 2nd set of ramblings I wrote when Lily was about 5 or 6 weeks old. Since then it’s been another topic that’s haunted me but I’ll save that for another time.

1 – Not Due Yet

This was the first rambling note I wrote. It’s not been edited or changed since that sleepless night. We’d not long been discharged from the hospital and home with this very tiny bundle at 4lb2. I thought I’d post it as it was.