Review: Bundle Beds

Press discount received, however the review is our genuine Bundle Beds experience.

I had been um-ing and ah-ing about the Bundle Beds for a while, but it wasn’t until Lily’s airbed burst on a camping trip that I finally decided to take the plunge and get her a Bundle Bed.

We do a great deal of overnight stays with airbeds, both on camping trips and when staying with family, so for us it makes sense to have something that will be long lasting and durable.

Lily excitement at taking her Bundle Bed for its maiden voyage!
Lily’s excitement at taking her Bundle Bed for its maiden voyage!

When I shared our Bundle Beds arrival on my Instagram stories, I had several responses from people who said the same thing – they really want one, but are nervous about the cost.

So, this review is for you – and anyone else who is wondering whether to invest in one of the Bundle Beds!

What are the Bundle Beds?

Bundle Beds are an entire bed rolled up into one bundle, complete with self-inflating mattress, pillow, sheet and 15 tog duvet.

Each bed rolls out to the size of a standard single bed, making it perfect for adults and children alike and they’ve won several awards for their design.

The Bundle Bed contains a mattress, sheet, 15 tog duvet and pillow
The Bundle Bed contains a mattress, sheet, 15 tog duvet and pillow

What’s more, we love how the luxury duvet and pillow filling is made of 100% plastic bottles.

You also have extra options, such as a waterproof sheet or a thicker mattress, but all the beds roll up into themselves, so you simply roll them out and sleep!

Bundle Beds was launched on Kickstarter in 2016 by Lucy who wanted to make travelling with kids as easy as possible. In March 2020, she was then joined by her brother Rob, and they now work together as an awesome brother and sister team to run this fantastic small business.

In 2021, they also launched the new Kids’ Travel Bed Tot-2-Ten, with additional inflatable side bumpers too.

The pillow and duvet are super soft on the Bundle Bed
The pillow and duvet are super soft on the Bundle Bed

Is the mattress comfortable?

This was my biggest question and my worry when I first spoke to the Bundle Beds team.

I felt a little nervous asking a small business how comfy their product actually is, but Lucy was great at answering my worries and soon put me at ease.

“The Bundle Beds mattress is something that I have worked on with an osteopath to ensure that it’s as comfortable as possible! It is filled with a memory foam structure and then air. I’ve slept on the 5cm mattress for years before just recently upgrading to a 8cm boosted one.

“They are guaranteed for 10 years and genuinely have been a real labour of love to get right.”

The mattress contains air and memory foam
The mattress contains air and memory foam

It was the mention of memory foam that had me sold – I knew in the back of my mind it would be fine, but I couldn’t work out how it could be comfy when it was all rolled up into one. Plus, I’d had bad experiences with self-inflating mats, that I wasn’t convinced this could be any different.

Well, I was definitely proven wrong – it was great. I admit, because we are adults using it too, that we went for the 8cm boosted one, however both the 5cm and 8cm options are perfect for kids and adults too.

This handy table should help decide which to choose:

10 things we love about Bundle Beds

We finally got Lily’s new bed out for a test ride in our tent, and even after just one night, we decided on 10 things we love about Bundle Beds.

  1. Less things to pack – the car is usually packed to the rim with bedding, so it was lovely not to have to think of taking all the individual bits of bedding – and it took up less room in the car!
  2. Less time & faff than an air bed – my bed took ages to set up, including the separate hand pump (we had no electrics), and all the sleeping bag, blankets and pillows – Lily’s was simply rolled out and ready, giving more time to play!
  3. Easier to carry – separate items all have to be carried separately – Bundle Beds are all in one bundle, with high-quality straps to easily transport – it will be great for festivals in the summer too where we can’t park near the car.
  4. Super soft & cosy – Lily isn’t a fan of sleeping bags, so we’ve always had to take a separate duvet for her. The bedding in the Bundle Beds is super soft against her skin, like her own bed at home. Plus the 15 tog makes it super cosy!
  5. Eco friendly – the filling in the duvet and pillow is filled with 100% plastic bottles and it is also a great alternative to sending burst airbeds to the landfill.
  6. Close to the floor – on an airbed, Lily’s pillow always falls off, but being close to the floor it means she is safe from being unbalanced – and so are her pillow and toys! Plus, we don’t need to worry about the airbed deflating, so she can have a great night’s sleep.
  7. High quality – the quality is fantastic – they are designed for adventures, with great buckles that won’t break under pressure too. Plus there’s a 10 year warranty on the mattress in the rare case of anything going wrong too.
  8. Comfy mattress – as I mentioned before, I had bad experiences with self-inflating mattresses, but this one is in a league of its own, making it comfy for kids and adults alike.
  9. Buttoned pillow & duvet – I love the detail that the pillow and duvet can be buttoned/unbuttoned, so they don’t escape in the night, but removable if you prefer to wrap up in them. You can also remove them for washing too.
  10. Great sleep! Lily slept for 11.5 hours straight on her bed in the tent, even surrounded by the night-long ‘baa-ing’ from enthusiastic sheep and the morning songs from the birds around us – so she woke up with plenty of energy to enjoy her day, rather than broken sleep that can often come with camping!
Lily used her extra pillow but was so snug and warm in her Bundle Bed
Lily used her extra pillow but was so snug and warm in her Bundle Bed

How big is it?

When open, Bundlebeds are 160cm x 90cm, the same size as a single mattress.

When rolled up, I was initially worried it was bigger than I thought, but once we got it into use, it was still smaller (and waaaayyy easier!) than having every element of the bed individually.

You can see from the cover photo and first photo on this blog how the rolled up size of the 8cm mattress and bed is compared to my 5-year-old, however it rolls up into a 60cmx30cm bundle.

The Bundle Bed will be coming on many, many adventures with us - it was so easy!
The Bundle Bed will be coming on many, many adventures with us – it was so easy!

Is it worth the cost?

Yes! I know this is a big question, and the main question that came through on my Instagram stories too – but, now we’ve tried it, we really do recommend it.

We do a great deal of camping trips and even more so this year as we aren’t going abroad, plus with several festivals in our summer lineup (hopefully!) as well as staying with family too, this will get so much use.

We save money by camping (some trips are just £8.50 a night), so in the long run, we really will still save money by having long-lasting gear that can withstand roadtrips, festivals and being put through its paces. We have already forked out money for regular airbeds that don’t last long and self-inflating mattresses that don’t work for us!

For us, we also believe having a good sleep is a make or break when it comes to camping – happy kids, happy parents!

A great night's sleep in the Bundle Bed - we used the extra Bestie Blanket, however she kicked that off in the night and was fine in just the Bundle Bed duvet!
A great night’s sleep in the Bundle Bed – we used the extra Bestie Blanket, however she kicked that off in the night and was fine in just the Bundle Bed duvet!

Lily does like two pillows as her asthma has always been better when she sleeps slightly upright, so we did take the extra pillow for her, but the buttoned one stayed in place underneath so she didn’t lose her top pillow, which was fantastic.

What’s more, Lily’s room at home is small, so we have no room for a spare bed when she is old enough for friends to come round, so this will be great for sleepovers.


For a long-lasting product which is environmentally-friendly and is suitable for children and adults too, it really is a great product that we very much recommend – plus see our 10 reasons why we love Bundle Beds above too!

For me, I find airbeds can be quite unbalanced and don’t always help with a great night sleep, so I genuinely would love one of these too, not to mention me being disappointed at having to pump my own bed up when Lily’s was already laid out!

Happy Lily, chilling on her Bundle Bed!
Happy Lily, chilling on her Bundle Bed!

Thank you to Bundle Beds for designing an amazing product which we know will last us for many years.

We can’t wait to get it out on more adventures – now do you think I could ask Santa for one if I’m a good girl this year too? 🙂


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  1. Great review. Just a couple of questions. What was it like getting back rolled up when packing? Also would you be willing to sleep in it for a night to give us an adults view. No worries if not. Just I would be using mainly for myself on brownie trips and when adults stay over in the house. I just need the excuse to come up to invest in one lol


    1. kderbyshire says:

      Thank you for your lovely words 🙂 I should have said about rolling it up – I found it much easier the second time round through just kneeling on it to squeeze the air out, then it clips back together. The first time I hadn’t made the straps long enough haha! I’d happily sleep on it and let you know 🙂 we are heading away this weekend so may see if Lily will let me give it a go! When I lay on it I preferred it to my air bed as I find even though air beds are comfy, they aren’t always balanced right, but these are sturdy so you can actually sleep on them, if that makes sense? I’m going to try and save up to get myself one too as it really will be so much easier for us both to have one, rather than faffing about with beds! I love how all the contents zips up inside it too so nothing slips out when you roll it up. I hope that helps 🙂


      1. Sounds like a dream and a good investment. Thanks for your honest review. Definitely going to start saving and waiting for sleepovers to return.


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