Haven Hideaway holiday review – Littlesea caravan park, Weymouth

Please note, we visited in August 2020. Activities available may vary per site and date of arrival.

We’ve been to Haven’s Littlesea caravan park in Weymouth about 6 times since Lily was born – a combination of the fact it is near to our Dorset family for visiting them, as well as the fact Lily has always loved it there!

Welcome to Haven Littlesea, Weymouth
Welcome to Haven Littlesea, Weymouth

With extensive views across the lagoon and beautiful coastal walks, alongside all the amazing facilities Haven offers, it is always our go-to choice for our Weymouth trips.

This summer was not only our first peak time trip as Lily is in school and we have always visited in June/September, but it was also our first experience of the Haven Hideaway deals, so I thought I’d share a few areas for those who are visiting Haven under the Haven Hideaway deals, to know what to expect when you get there.

Obviously sites will vary, but hopefully it will reassure those who would like to know more.

Haven Hideaway – what is open?

We booked this deal in June when we knew caravan parks would start to reopen, and we paid around half the price that we normally would for a summer week in the caravan.

The booking and website were all very clear that this deal meant very little could be open, and you will be able to access just the supermarket, takeaways and your caravan. We aren’t a huge entertainment family, so were happy to pay much less to be able to enjoy a quieter week in the summer, with everything we needed.

We love the peaceful walks here
We love the peaceful walks here

We visited in mid-August when a great deal more was open than we had expected. You didn’t get a Fun Pass as part of the deal, but could pay extra if you wanted one (around £10 a day/£40pw or £5 a day/£20pw for children with caps depending on number of caravan rooms).

I saw people complaining on Facebook about this, however the prices were greatly reduced for booking the Haven Hideaway deals and they were clear on booking and on the website that these would not be included on the Hideaway deals.

Check in

We were sent a pass to access the site and an arrival timeslot, which was later than usual, but it meant we didn’t need to queue and they could stagger arrivals. They had a contactless arrival, so once we arrived at the entrance and they checked our booking from the gate while we were in the car, we drove straight to the caravan.

Our caravan was all perfectly clean when we arrived and sealed for arrival
Our caravan was all perfectly clean when we arrived and sealed for arrival

The caravan was unlocked but the door was sealed with tape to say that it had been cleaned. We broke the seal and the keys were inside. The caravan was spotless and ready to use as always!

Food & Drink

Unfortunately, our favourite spot, the Starbucks, had closed down completely, however we were able to book the Mash & Barrel for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even an afternoon coffee.

We booked table slots through the email to ensure we had a time to arrive, which was great as they were booked up fairly quickly and there were no slots available for those who hadn’t booked for the evenings – particularly as we could still enjoy the Eat Out to Help Out deals in August too.

Facemasks were mandatory when entering the building, and the security noted down the caravan number of everyone coming in so they could limit numbers. Once inside the Mash & Barrel you didn’t need your facemask, but you did if you needed to go to the toilets which were outside the restaurant entrance.

Takeaways were also still available including the Papa John’s pizza, which you could even get delivered to your caravan, and the fish & chip shop, which also now had outdoor seating. There is also an ice cream van now too!

Always the loveliest of walks along the lagoon
Always the loveliest of walks along the lagoon


The supermarket was open as normal, with a Costa express machine and co-op food, as well as toys/games for children too. Facemasks were mandatory, and there was a one-way system into/out of the shop.


The arcades were open to everyone, even without the Fun Pass, which you don’t get on the Haven Hideaway deal. Alternate machines were often blocked out with a sticker saying either that one family was allowed on that machine at a time or that it was closed due to social distancing.

2p machines are always a highlight
2p machines are always a highlight

There were also clear one-way markers on the floor and in the evenings the security ensured numbers were reduced to come into the building. Queues often built up around 5.15pm, but most people were heading into the 5.30pm timeslot in the Showbar at this time.

You could still win tickets and prizes, with the prize area shielded with plastic screens.

The 2p machines are always a highlight of our visit and we weren’t expecting these to be open, so Lily was very excited to come back with a bundle of little prizes!

Armed with prizes
Armed with prizes from the arcades


Entertainment in the Showbar was only available to those who had a Fun Pass. We aren’t really show people, but for those who wanted to visit the entertainment, you had to book times and tables in advance. Some entertainment was done virtually, with the timetable available on the boards near the entrance to the arcades.

Pretending to be a pterodactyl!
Pretending to be a pterodactyl!

Children’s entertainment was also available in limited slots. We had a very wet, windy day, so ventured down on the Thursday morning to visit the Seaside Squad (who Lily has always been excited about!). They asked if we had booked, but even though we hadn’t there were only 3 other families there so they just let us in and took our details on their ipad for Track & Trace.

The Seaside Squad did a short show (15 mins) and then they did a socially-distanced meetup where kids could go onto the stage to meet them! Lily was very excited by this as she has had an Anxious Elephant and Polly Lifeguard toy for years that she always plays with!

Showbar entertainment needs to be booked, but the kids' entertainment was very quiet
Showbar entertainment needs to be booked, but the kids’ entertainment was very quiet

Swimming Pool

This is probably one of the biggest things that people are worried about without having the Fun Pass. Without a pass, you can’t access the pools (indoor or outdoor). You can still book sessions via the App, but you always need a pass to be able to visit.

Again, we expected this as it was a reduced price. I would make sure you’ve booked a slot before getting a pass if you’d like to visit as most slots for both indoor and outdoor pools were booked up quickly.

Family Activities

Activities were all bookable by the app. The usual ones such as fencing weren’t available, however all the outdoor activities were generally available. Bungee trampolining and mini golf were usually available, but you did have to make sure you booked in advance. I had to put the harness on her for the trampolines due to social distancing with the staff.

4x4 off road adventures were definitely a highlight for this one
4×4 off road adventures were definitely a highlight for this one

Lily also enjoyed the 4×4 adventure cars. Parent support is needed due to social distancing with the staff, but Lily loved it! They also do segways and other activities for older children.

They also had outdoor activities available that were similar to forest school from the Ranger Hut. These were absolutely fantastic and mainly free. We enjoyed a nature walk and a bug hunt session, and the lady was amazing – it was so interesting!

Bug hunting was a fantastic activity - and free too
Bug hunting was a fantastic activity – and free too

We tried to book on the first day but all timeslots had gone, however they increased capacity and we managed to get a slot.

Although 8 people had booked on, only 2 turned up, so it is worth checking if you’d like to join in! They also have den building and campfire lighting for older kids.

We really recommend the Ranger activities outdoors

Play areas

The play areas were open as normal in both the facilities area as well as up at the campsite.

The outdoor play areas were open
The outdoor play areas were open

The walks

You could still enjoy the fantastic walks around the site, with so much to explore and the stunning views. We recommend taking the trail up the hill by the Ranger hut and following the coastline. we even saw a stunning rainbow here!

One of our favourite walks!
One of our favourite walks!


We can’t recommend Haven Littlesea enough. The staff are always so friendly and helpful – even last year when we had ‘problem neighbours’ which they did their best to support us with.

This year was no exception, even with the changes, we still had the most incredible time. There is so much for families to do, and even in peak time we felt so relaxed and that we were able to fully enjoy our time there, even with the weather being all over the place too!

What’s more, the team had put so many measures in place that we could not have felt safer. The security in the main activities area could not have been any better at ensuring people stuck to the rules in place, so everyone could safely enjoy their holiday.

We can’t wait to head back again and Lily already misses the caravan! Thank you again to the whole Haven Littlesea team for making our stay wonderful again.

Somewhere over the rainbow at Haven Littlesea Weymouth
Somewhere over the rainbow at Haven Littlesea Weymouth

Tips for making the most of Haven Hideaway

  • Check before you visit about what is open at the site – don’t expect it to be as normal
  • Don’t lose the Haven tag they give you for your car when you arrive – they let you queue jump with it if you leave/arrive at the site
  • Download the App to find out what’s on
  • Book your activities on the App as soon as you can to not miss out
  • Book your dinner/show slots via the link in your email in advance
  • If you are looking to swim or join the entertainment, make sure you get yourself a Fun Pass from reception
  • Haven Littlesea also offer adapted caravans for those with restricted mobility as well as accessible access to the main facilities via the ramp. For full accessibility information, they also suggest calling call one of their advisors at their contact centre on: 0333 202 5256 

Click here to check out the layout map of Haven Littlesea caravan park, campsite and facilities

We visited Nothe Fort as part of our visit to Weymouth. Click here to check out the review.

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