Taking your kids to the mountains: Part 1 – Treeline Chalets

Getting your child out on the snow can be both an exciting as well as a nerve-wracking time, with so much to worry about, from making sure you have everything you need for the week, to making sure your kids are going to be somewhere they enjoy, both on and off the snow.

Hanging out at Treeline Chalets

Snow and mountains are in our blood, having met in the mountains, however we live so far from any of the indoor snow centres, that we aren’t able to keep up the shred time as much as we like, nor keep it up financially.

Morzine is the perfect place to get your kids on the snow

However, we always knew we wanted to let Lily get her snow legs from a young age, and give her a taster for the snow. If she didn’t like it, then we wouldn’t be worried, but thanks to the amazing Treeline Chalets, we’ve now been out to the mountains every year with her – and she loves it!

We are no experts at getting your kids on the snow, but thought I’d share a little love for the people who have given our little lady that snow stoke, and hopefully show you that it is possible to have a fun time in the mountains with your little ones, no matter how young they are.

Morzine town itself is a great place with kids

In a follow-up to this review, I’ll be telling you all about our amazing experience with Mint Snowboarding, who taught Lily on the snow from the age of 3, however first up, I’m giving some love to the truly fantastic Treeline Chalets.

Treeline Chalets

Every time we head out to the mountains, we stay with the amazing Treeline Chalets – an award-winning, family-run chalet company in Morzine, just over an hour from Geneva.

This kids has always loved Treeline Chalets

Treeline Chalets is run by the most awesome of British families, with young children themselves, so they know exactly what you’ll need to have the best stay with your family.

Amy and Duncan, the owners, are also the most down-to-earth and friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and so is Hannah, who you’ll likely come across when you contact them online – she always goes out her way to help you out, whatever your questions.

They are based in Morzine, just over an hour from Geneva, meaning transfer times are kept to a minimum – and organised by Treeline too, so you know you will get there quickly and safely, complete with car seats for children and babies if needed.

Getting her snow legs, age 9 months!
Getting her snow legs, age 9 months!

We first took Lily when she was about 9 months old, and have returned with her at each age – and there is always plenty to do aside from the mountains.

Treeline looked after her with child-friendly meals, flexible meal times, and the yummiest of treats too. For meal times she was able to use the provided high chair, and there were even a box of toys in the living area to keep her more occupied than the toys I’d taken from the UK!

Treeline Chalets are always a great base for exploring the mountains

The chalets are always beyond amazing, with the friendliest of staff looking after you, and situated in great locations to access everything Morzine has to offer. From play areas and the town carousel, through to the Aquariaz indoor swimming complex up in Avoriaz, there is no shortage of things to do with children around the area, not to mention the walks around town and coffee stops along the way. It is such a beautiful place and everywhere is so welcoming to families.

Exploring Morzine town centre
Exploring Morzine town centre

One of our favourite things to do is jump on the free resort bus and head up to Lac de Montriond, where it is just stunning. It has a fun little play area, little cafes, and is perfect for walks, bike rides, and skimming stones too!

Hanging out at the lake
Hanging out at the lake

When travelling with kids, you not only want somewhere that is comfortable and “homely” to feel like you can relax in, but also want somewhere with a living area to escape the cold or to have some down time.

All of Treeline Chalets’ chalets have beautiful living areas, where you can relax together, play with the kids, and spend some time together without feeling like you are restricted to your bedroom to hang out, as you would in a hotel.

Mountain views from the Treeline balcony

It also means that when your kids are asleep, you can safely relax in the living room, meaning you are nearby if they need you, but also not restricted to the bedroom, as you would be in a hotel. The beds are also super comfy and cosy, and the rooms are beautifully warm too, meaning everyone sleeps well!

Lily usually had dinner early and then would head for a bath and then to bed (instantly asleep thanks to the mountain air!), before our dinner was ready, meaning we could relax together and enjoy our evening meal, when she would usually have been too tired (and grumpy!) to eat at that time.

Chalet Alpin has its own little garden
Chalet Alpin has its own little garden

All her meals were child-friendly, but also healthy and freshly-cooked too by the wonderful team, plus she had a whole host of options each morning, whether she wanted Weetabix, fruit, porridge or a fresh pancake treat at breakfast!

She was up earlier than the rest of the family each day, so I could play with her in the living room before the chalet team arrived to sort breakfast, meaning I didn’t need to hide with her in the bedroom until breakfast!

She loves hanging out at the chalet

They even have free wifi, UK TV channels, access to travel cots, and can organise childcare for you too – whatever you need, they’ve thought of it. Most rooms are ensuite in the chalets, with baths and showers depending on the room, so you’re always welcome to ask Treeline to get you in a room with a bath if that’s what the little one likes. Everything is always beautifully clean, with little details thought of, so you never need to worry.

Chalet girl 2035!!

There are also little supermarkets and pharmacies nearby at each end of town, so if you’ve forgotten anything for the kids, you can always pick something up – whether that be extra nappies or child-friendly snacks for the daytime (not that you need many, as you’re always well fed with Treeline!).

That, combined with everything Treeline can offer, means you always know you can be well-prepared when travelling with the family, without having to take so much with you.

Visting the lake is a big favourite of ours
Visting the lake is a big favourite of ours

Treeline Chalets genuinely think of everything, making you all feel welcome and with everything you need. They can sort lift passes, ski hire to your door, and even transfers, making sure the hassles of travelling with little ones are kept to a minimum.

You can choose from catered or non-catered chalets, of different sizes of chalet to look after your group size, but Treeline will always been in the resort at all times to make sure you’re well looked after, no matter what questions you have.

Even their chalet team come back year on year, purely because they are well looked after and love working for such a fantastic chalet company who share their passion for the snow, as well as looking after their guests.

Snowfall on the Treeline balcony

If you’re ever thinking of taking your family to the mountains for the first time (or even the 10th time!) I can’t recommend Treeline Chalets enough to make sure you have the most amazing experience ever.

For more on Treeline Chalets, visit their website here, or follow them on Social Media to find out about their latest offers and events.

Hot chocolate after the mountain is always a family favourite!