Wistow Maze and Wistow Rural Centre, Leicestershire

We’ve attempted to go to Wistow Maze several times this summer, but due to the unseasonal downpours earlier in the summer, we were unlucky to head along on days that it was closed.

So, when I asked her what she wanted to do for a treat adventure, she asked to go here, so we thought we’d pop along for a little after-school visit on a Friday afternoon at the end of August… and we were lucky enough to enjoy the whole of Wistow Maze in the sunshine!

She insisted on leading the way around Wistow Maze!
She insisted on leading the way around Wistow Maze!

We head along with Lily every year, and love the setup for little ones. We usually go along around 10am when it opens, and while it is still term time, however the rain and the fact my daughter is now a schoolgirl meant that we went on a peak afternoon. It was really not too busy, and we enjoyed the maze without bumping into many people on the way round!

Every year she wants to take the corn man home!

About the Maze

Wistow Maze is a maize maze set in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, near the little hamlet of Wistow.

Views across the maze from the bridge
Views across the maze from the bridge

The car park is in the field adjacent to the maze, or you can park by the Wistow Rural Centre across the road, which is where you find the toilets and refreshments, as well as a few beautiful little shops selling mainly local and handmade gifts.

What to expect

The entrance to the maze itself is a cabin where you can find some cold drinks, ice creams and some pocket-money toys, and you get your hand stamped to say you can go in and out once you have paid – allowing you to get to the toilets too. I’d advise taking little ones to the toilets first to avoid a long walk when they are desperate!

Feeling lucky to be out with this one!
Feeling lucky to be out with this one!

Once you go through the cabin, you find a whole host of family-friendly games, including a little obstacle course, a mini maze, a maze with space hoppers, and other lawn games. This is the Activity Funyard, but the team suggest you do the maze first and then come back to this area.

The Maze

The maze is 8ft high, with plenty of sunflowers to enjoy along the way, and corn to spot too! There is a friendly lady at the maze entrance to tell you what to do and the easy/harder routes around. You also get a little map (they advise taking a pen with you, or you can buy one for £1 at the door) and a separate clues sheet for children.

She was so excited to find the clues around the maze!

Each year they have a competition to see what shape to carve out for the maze. This year it has been designed in the shape of an astronaut to mark the 50th anniversary of the Man on the Moon! It is really special, and each year is something different!

There are 12 clue boards around the maze, all marked out on the map, and then on your clue sheet you can solve the puzzle at the end, to then put your answers in a box back at the cabin for the chance to win a prize!

She found the clues but chose the answers depending on which picture she liked best!!!
She found the clues but chose the answers depending on which picture she liked best!!!

You can access and leave the maze as many times as you want with your stamp, and there is a faster way to exit if needed, but remember if you are further away in the maze it isn’t such a quick exit!

Thankfully we managed to not get lost, and Lily was so excited to lead the way to find the clues and solve the puzzle at the end!

She insisted on trying to get her photo in the frame!!!

Activity Funyard

Once out of the maze you can enjoy the Activity Funyard with plenty of outdoor lawn games for all ages.

She loved the lawn games!
She loved the lawn games!

Lily loved this area and burst into tears because the lady had told us to go into the maze first, and she thought that meant she wasn’t allowed to play on the games first, despite having asked so many times in the summer if we can go to the maze *facepalm* *parentingproblems*.

However, once I told her there were clues around the maze she had to find, she was straight into the maze with the little map, and wanted to lead the way at all times!! *Insert shrug face*!

Space hoppers are always a big hit!

Her favourite game was definitely the space hopper path, but she was also a great fun of the hoopla and the obstacle course… as well as the sandpit!

There are also plenty of picnic benches around here to enjoy your drinks or a picnic when you visit.

Winning at hoopla… Caught her in the action of the money shot! No others went over!

Refreshments and the Wistow Rural Centre

This is situated across the road from the maze itself, and you’ll find the toilets here at the back of the array of shops, towards the garden centre. In the garden centre you can find a beautiful miniature model village with trains, that is free to access but you can help with a little donation to charity when there too.

Wistow Rural Centre – Model Village

There is a lovely tearoom with hot and cold food, picnic boxes, tea and coffee and plenty of treats, with beautiful flowers to decorate it, and both indoor and outdoor seating. It can get busy, but it is beautiful – and the coffee is good!

Enjoying the sand on a sunny day!

The conclusion…

We come here every year and again it didn’t disappoint. The staff are really friendly, and there is so much to do for all the family. I’d really recommend visiting. They are open up until the start of September, 7 days a week, and then just at weekends through September before the corn is cut for the cows!

This little superhero, leading the way!

For more information, visit their website here or keep an eye on their social media for updates

Tips for visiting with the family

  • Visit the toilets before you go in with little ones as they are quite far away
  • It is in a field, so remember when bringing wheelchairs and pushchairs that the ground may be difficult to access. However, they do have a step-free access out of the maze, so they have made it as friendly as possible for everyone.
  • Take wellies after it has rained as the ground can get quite muddy
  • Take some snacks and drinks with you as you can have a picnic at the end of the maze and there isn’t much to buy when there
  • Food and drink is available across the road in a tearoom at the Wistow Rural Centre
  • Even though it is in a cabin, you can pay for your entrance by debit card – just remember to take a pen for the map!
A great family day out in Leicestershire

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