Gulliver’s Land, Milton Keynes

We visited Gulliver’s Land as part of the Stay & Play Sunday Specials package with the Adventurer’s Village accommodation at Milton Keynes.

Our welcome to Gulliver’s Land

This offered us a night’s stay on the Sunday night, including activities at the Village, access to Gulliver’s Land throughout the day on the Sunday, as well as a session in the Splash Park on the Monday morning for a discounted rate compared to peak times.

Check out the review of the Adventurer’s Village experience for further details, but this was our second visit to the Gulliver’s Land theme park itself, and again it didn’t disappoint.

The little boat ride was fun – and you didn’t get wet!

We have also visited the Gulliver’s Kingdom theme park in Matlock Bath, and we can’t rate either park enough – I’d really recommend visits to both, as they are special in their own ways!

The theme park itself is designed with younger families in mind, so everything from the entertainment to the rides is set up for younger children, up to the age of about 10, making it a perfect place to visit with families of mixed ages to enjoy – even for tiny ones!

Someone was excited about being here!!!!

The park is fairly big, with rides of all types – from rollercoaster style ones and water rides, through to ones that spin you, and slower driving rides. One of the rides even alternated slower and faster options so the smaller children could still enjoy the fun of it, without the speed – something I enjoyed more too!

For the younger ones there’s a slower boat ride along the lazy river, a little train ride, a monorail and a driving ride, as well as a JCB zone to drive diggers.

Driving the JCBs with her backward cap (she did it, not me!)

For the very young, there’s also an indoor soft play area that we found really quiet and the girls loved.

For the older children you can find the Runaway Minetrain, rollercoaster, rides that spin you upside down, and some very steep water rides (spoiler: you WILL get wet, unless you’re Lily, who hid under my bag and came out stone dry 😂!!!)

The Runaway Minetrain was a bit rockier than expected!

All ages can also enjoy the hot air balloons, the carousel, the little fairy walk, and all the entertainment that goes on across the park.

We visited on a Sunday and we still didn’t need to queue long for the rides, which is great with young children. In fact, our Matlock Bath visit was the same in that it was really quiet for a Sunday, and we were especially surprised with the Milton Keynes park as it was a lovely sunny day at the end of June, so we expected it to be busier.

She liked the spinning castles more than I did!

There are plenty of places to have drinks, picnics and to get food around the site. We took a packed lunch for us and the girls, then bought them a Slush treat before we went back to the accommodation at the Adventurer’s Village, about 5 mins walk from the front of the theme park.

The girls met some characters, enjoyed playing in bubbles, watching some spontaneous shows throughout the day, and making the most of all the rides.

Pirates, pigs and bubbles!

Lily’s favourite ride was the big swings – particularly because of the very friendly and enthusiastic staff member who drummed up the excitement to everyone on the rides, despite the fact he had clearly been doing it for hours and his enthusiasm still wasn’t waning!

Her favourite ride – also glad she’s old enough to do it herself now!!

In all, we had a fantastic time and the girls loved it. It is somewhere we would go back to, especially combined with the accommodation package which makes is an affordable family overnight trip that costs far less than a themed overnight package at some other theme parks.

Gullivers Fun!

Visit the Gulliver’s Land page here

Visit my review on the Adventurer’s Village here

Want to visit Matlock Bath Gulliver’s Kingdom? Check out the review here!

We all had the best time!

Tips for visiting with children

    • There is really something for everyone, so it is great for mixed age groups in a family to still enjoy everything on offer
    • Check out the timetable of entertainment and activities at the entrance as they are great to have a break from the rides
    • We took pushchairs with us which we found really handy with all the walking, especially later in the day and all the way back to the accommodation. We also used them to store the lunch, and there were plenty of places to leave them at all the rides.
    • Check out their social media for discounts – under 90cm is free anyway, and there is still so much to do for the little ones – but they often have good deals on, such as summer discount tickets by booking early in July, and our weekend was a foodbank weekend where you got tickets for just £12.50 in exchange for bringing food for the food bank.
The indoor play area for little ones!
Hot air balloons for the win!
Casting spells over the fairy land!
Carousel rides are always a winner!
Rollercoaster happiness!!


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