National Space Centre, Leicester

Outside the National space Centre
Outside the National Space Centre

Now, the National Space Centre does hold a place in our hearts, as it was our absolutely incredible wedding venue, but it is somewhere Lily has always loved to visit – and even though we are biased, we would really recommend it to all families for a day out.

The whole centre has recently been refurbished, with a great deal of investment in the entrance area and galleries too. It really looks fantastic, and it a welcoming entrance for visitors.

For the younger ones, there’s dressing up areas available on your way round, such as stars and space rockets, as well as plenty of sensory opportunities – from space rubbings in the rocket tower, to puzzles, buttons to press, and little tunnels to crawl through as you go round.

It’s also pram and wheelchair-friendly, with wide, open paths between galleries, and lifts to go up between the floors.

Loved to the moon and back!
The moon!

For the older kids, it’s a pure learning and sensory experience, with plenty of interactive features, such as launching space rockets and going into weather tunnels, helping them learn about space in a fun and interactive way.

The rocket tower is home to a giant rocket, which you can view at different parts through taking the lift up between the floors. Each floor tells you the journey of space travel, through interactive features, a cinema, and more. You can even pretend you’re on the moon in the top floor!

Your ticket allows you access to the Planetarium for a show too – so take a look at the options before you go to see what may be suitable for your kids. Lily was a bit afraid of it when she was 1, but now she is 3, she loves it! It’s the UK’s largest planetarium and is a really great experience.

The world in her hands!
The world in her hands!

The Boosters café is also a lovely area and has recently been extended. You can have picnics outdoors or on the tables under the rocket tower, as well as buy your food from the café. There’s some great choices in there from fresh coffee and cakes, sandwiches and a range of hot food cooked daily on site. There are healthy options too, and the food is really fresh, which makes a change for a tourist site!

You do often get school groups around, so I’d recommend visiting at opening or mid-afternoon for quieter times in the week, but since there are 6 huge galleries, there’s always something to do.

Dream big little one!
Space Walking

Your ticket also is free to upgrade to an annual pass, giving you unlimited visits for a year – which is fantastic if you want to pop back. It’s also worth keeping an eye on social media and their website for events for all ages, from romantic Valentines’ evening meals, to special kids’ events with PJ Masks. We’re off to the tots’ event in May, so will update you then.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the National Space Centre as somewhere to visit for all the family – particularly groups with mixes ages, as there’s really something for everyone.

Tips for visiting

  • Get a free upgrade to an annual pass with your day ticket
  • You can get a discount during the weekdays term time for Home Educators if you home school
  • Keep an eye on the website/social media for family-friendly events

Visit their website here…

Exploring the galleries
Exploring the galleries

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