The Children’s Play Village, Warwick

Waiting in the entrance to the Play Village by the cafe before her time slot.
Waiting in the cafe for the start

We really recommend the Children’s Play Village in Warwick as somewhere to take your little ones. You need to get booked up early, as there are limited places on each timeslot, but the bonus side of this is that it can’t get overly busy, as child numbers are capped – something we were worried about when we realised it was sold out.

You turn up at the start of your timeslot, and get taken into the beautiful café area. It is so clean and high quality, plus the welcome we got from the staff was really friendly, despite them knowing 20 young children were about to descend on them!

It also gave us the chance to take a look at the play area before we went in. If you’ve ever seen the annoying Cbeebies show Biggleton, that’s pretty much what the Play Village looks like. There’s a village green, with a pretend campfire and BBQ, surrounded by various shops and buildings, all at child-height. They can pretend to be everything from a firefighter through to a vet. There’s a café, ice cream van, school, and several other miniature ‘shops’ for the little ones to play in.

Deciding what they wanted to play on first!
Plotting their adventures

Our timeslot was 9.30-12, which was plenty time to take advantage of all the play areas, and with the cap on the number of kids, it meant that there was always something to play on.

At the start of the time slot, you all go to the Village Green to sing some songs, and at the end they all come together for tidying up together and a goodbye song. This is ridiculously cheesy and some kids are frustrated that they are denied the ability to go and play, but it was a really nice way to start and end the sessions.

During the sessions, there are also village games played by the staff, which aren’t mandatory, but some of the kids like to join in and have the chance to win a medal for finding the clues, or winning the egg and spoon race.

There’s also a small area for the little tots to play in, but I’d recommend it for children up to the age of 10. Our little ones were age 2 & 3, and they loved it – especially the fire station.

Us mamas loved it too – the food in the café was great, the coffee was really good, and we really recommend the kids picnic baskets, as they can come back to graze whenever they want a quick snack.

Firefighter Lily!
Firefighter Lily

Food has to be ordered within your timeslot, and you need to be out by the end of your slot, but there is more than enough time to get involved with everything. We also liked the clean and child-friendly toilets – all individual, and looked after well – which does make a difference.

I’d really recommend the Play Village and it is somewhere we would go back to. Just remember to book up in advance, as once all the places have gone on that slot then you won’t be able to jump in. They also have special sessions for those with disabilities or sensory needs, so check the website for those timeslots.

It’s also about 5 minutes from Warwick Castle if you wanted to link your visit to somewhere else while you’re there!

Tips for visiting
• Book well in advance to make sure you hit your time slot
• Order your food early when you are there, to make sure it arrives (and can be eaten!) within your time slot
• Probably a good place to visit during school holidays as the numbers are always capped so can only get so busy.

Visit their website here

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