Super-easy sugar-free family baking, thanks to the Organix #nojunkjourney

So our Organix #nojunkjourney pledge was to attempt at least one recipe per month. 

Well, it’s not even February yet and I can proudly say we’ve successfully stomped our second recipe – Organix scones! And not just any old scones… they’re sugar free too!!

All the ingredients
All the ingredients

We couldn’t resist this little gem of a recipe, made with just a few ingredients, including Greek yoghurt and sweetened with dried fruit (yummy Organix raisins!)… and super easy too, which is always good in our household! 

We also want to get Lily involved in as much as possible in the kitchen to help her enjoy food more, so armed with her new plastic animal-shaped cookie cutters, we embarked on the recipe!

Cutting shaper
Cutting shapes!

Just half an hour later, from ingredients to freshly-baked mini-scones, and we had surprisingly succeeded with our second Organix bake-off of the year!

Oven baked healthy scones!
They look like the animals I think!

Lily enjoyed playing with the new cutters, and despite not all the ‘scones’ looking quite so animal-shaped after baking, there were a few that resembled some familiar shapes!!

But, most importantly, they went down well with the whole family, and being so tiny, and made with Greek yoghurt, you feel like they’re guilt free too! 

Happy Lily, happy mummy!
Happy Lily, happy Mummy!

If you want the recipe, head over to Organix to check it out, but if we can do it, so can you! 🙂

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