Our 1st attempt at cooking with a toddler! #nojunkjourney

As part of our pledge with Organix Food’s #nojunkjourney, we want to try one new recipe a month. 

This is a big step for us as we often rely on convenience foods – I pretty much live off fresh soups, and Lily enjoys the toddler meals. 

My excuse is I know she is getting the balanced nutrients in the toddler meals and the variation I’d never be able to give her. 

By the time we get back from work/nursery I have a 15 minute window to feed her before a non-stop cycle of getting the bags ready for morning again, washing up, sorting clothes for the next day, book, bath and bed. Cooking from scratch (or even prepping!) just seems impossible to me, despite ‘not having time’ being a terrible excuse. So attempting one new recipe a month is a big step for me, and I really want Lily to get involved now she’s able to eat a little more adventurously. 

So today we took on a really simple recipe from Organix food – mini carrot muffins, using Organix raisins! We are big fans of carrot (and carrot cake!), so I thought I’d give it a go. 

Should it really look like this?!

I also took on the Organix #nojunkjourney advice of how to get Lily involved, which I’ll hope to build up each month – maybe even trying more recipes! We counted the muffin cases into the tray, and she was fascinated by the giant whisk!! 

The recipe was actually really simple and I enjoyed having Lily in her highchair with me while I put it together. She seemed happy with the muffin trays 🙂

Despite the doubt at each stage of “I’m sure that’s far too much carrot” and “should it really look like that?” they actually came out looking pretty good… and, most importantly, they were super yummy too! 

It really gave me the confidence to do this again and (despite having the world’s smallest kitchen!) spend more time in the kitchen. When we move, we will have more space and even our table in there, so I hope we can enjoy food as a family a little more, despite the continual rushing around – and get Lily involved more and more as she gets older. Thank you Organix! 

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