New year, new family journey, thanks to Organix food #nojunkjourney

I’m not one for resolutions in the new year – basing it on the fact I pretty much start my resolutions whenever I feel I need it. But this year was slightly different, because we have a wedding to prep for in April, meaning Christmas was all about avoiding the Celebrations tin and watching those mince pies! Unfortunately the year also didn’t start as planned, as within 8 hours of it starting, I’d been diagnosed with pneumonia, smashed a huge wall mirror by knocking it off with the exercise bike, and paid out £173 for a new car suspension! 

So a week in, and Organix couldn’t have come at a better time with the start of their No Junk Journey – bringing us the positive start to the year that we needed. 

We could not have been more excited to have received the email late last year, inviting us to join the journey. Organix has been a brand we have followed since starting to wean Lily, not just because we know she is getting a far healthier range of snacks, but also because she struggled with her eating, and Organix really helped us through this.

I had dreams of Lily eating boiled broccoli and carrot sticks from the start. The good thing was that she was keen to eat them, and excited to try, but the issue was that she couldn’t actually swallow them. Anything ‘soft’ she was unable to swallow, no matter how much she tried, and projectile vomited it up. We lived off well-pureed vegetables, particularly sweet potato, but needed something she could continue to feed herself with. We found the Organix carrot puffs and rice cakes absolutely perfect as she could still learn to chew, while enjoying the independence of feeding herself – and she could actually swallow them! The health visitor supported us with this as Lily was clearly learning how to eat for herself, and meant she wasn’t afraid of food.

I really beat myself up about the baby led weaning as it was something I was really keen to implement, but the health visitor was really supportive and reassured me that it was possible her gag reflex was just delayed due to how premature she was (7 weeks!). By one year, Lily was finally able to enjoy foods designed from 7 months. It wasn’t until recently, around 17 months, that she could actually swallow foods designed for 12+, but this was a huge achievement for her and made us even more excited to be joining this No Junk Journey with Organix, as we now know she is able to eat far more than she could only a few months ago. 

We’ve loved making recipes from the Organix website, such as the carrot bakes and the fruit spiders for Halloween. The recipes are so easy and clear, and fun for all the family! 

Organix snacks have always been a firm favourite – that go-to snack when we need to avoid a tantrum in public (we all do that, right?!), a snack after we’ve been on a long park walk, or a treat after nursery on the way back to the car. Her current favourites are the banana or cinnamon Puffcorn – a winner every time! We know the ingredients are organic, and suitable for toddlers, and a far healthier alternative to crisps or chocolate, which we are keen to avoid.

We are excited to try out the new recipes, and take advantage of the tips from Organix throughout this year, both for feeding Lily, and for us too. We want to eat meals properly as a family around the table again in our new home in the spring, and I know this journey will help us do this by being able to plan meals we can all enjoy. 

Thank you again Organix for letting us be a part of your 2017 team. Bring it on 🙂

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