Learning fast how NOT to organise a 1st birthday – in photos

‚ÄčThis weekend, I realised I’ve clearly alot to learn about organising children’s birthday parties. Admittedly it was her first birthday, so I’ve plenty more to come, and we were lucky to just be having a small family gathering to celebrate, but there were a few things I learnt…

Don’t organise an outdoor bbq in the ‘summer’…

Realising you’ve no proper sellotape, so balloons get hung up with cable ties and electrical tape…

…and so presents don’t get wrapped… she’s only 1, right?

You don’t even find somewhere to hide the presents, they just sit in the doorway til her birthday. (She’s only 1, right?)

You only buy one pack of 8 paper plates with 8 guests. What about snacks, cake, and second helpings?!

As a result, snacks get served from  tupperwear tubs and baby bowls…

And cake can get served in napkins… until you realise you’ve only bought one pack of napkins…

…but you did buy paper lanterns that took 20 mins to untangle. Why did I do that again?

Getting Lily to sleep around an hour before guests were to arrive was clearly destined to fail. In complete opposite to her usual refusal-to-nap-when-I-need-her-to, she actually slept for over 2 hours. As a result, guests arrived and we spent the first hour whispering while she stayed asleep.

Henry was out ready for a quick vacuum between her usual 45min nap and the first guest arriving. Due to her decision for an extended nap, Henry took centre piece in the middle of the floor, neither being able to be used for vacuuming, nor be put away. Definitely a good look for first birthday party impressions.

But all in all it was a success, despite 1/3rd of the arrivals getting stuck on the M25 carpark then breaking down 15mins away. She seemed to love the attention and presents, so wasn’t at all bothered by the rain or soggy, muddy knees…

… she was admittedly a little confused by the whole cake thing, but then noone truly likes the Happy Birthday song… and please remind me how awful photos of you blowing out candles are as an adult…

But at least when she had to be kept awake through her usual afternoon nap we had a guest pug to keep her distracted through to bedtime. 

We’ve still 4 days til her actual birthday and plenty more visitors joining us along the way. At least I know to get more cake… and napkins. And have made a mental note that I really should start thinking a bit more about planning our wedding in April with 10 times the guests to Lily’s BBQ… though I’m sure Henry would make a great centrepiece!

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